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Written protest letter from the Chinese Chamber of commerce in Sweden



Head of Peas of Heaven,

In an advertisement from “Peas of Heaven”, language that discriminates against the Chinese are used. It discriminates against Chinese people as a whole, which is a divisive action of racist neo-Nazism. The advertisement suggests that Chinese investment is undesirable. The Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Sweden (CCCS), as an organization of Chinese companies in Sweden, strongly protests against this action by Peas of Heaven, and kindly but firmly requests that Peas of Heaven:

Immediately removes the advertisement both online and off-line; immediately eliminates the negative effect of the advertisement on Chinese companies, and posts an apology for this overstep of good business practice, equally visible as the original advertisement, on Peas of Heaven’s website, and ensures that no similar mistakes are made in the future.

CCCS will continue to closely follow Peas of Heaven’s handling of this matter, and reserves the right to make further representations.

CCCS hereby informs Peas of Heaven, that Chinese companies started investing and operating in Sweden in 1988. Chinese companies have been strictly complying with the laws of Sweden, earnestly fulfilling corporate social responsibilities, and creating and saving a large number of jobs in Sweden. The contributions of Chinese investors to the economic and social prosperity of Sweden are widely acknowledged. Cooperation between China and Sweden has been mutually beneficial over many years.


Secretariat of CCCS